Instant StO2 Readings Available 24/7

The clinical literature has reported that the majority of free flap complications occur within 48 hours post operatively. ViOptix’s T.Ox system allows unprecedented, anytime/anywhere non-invasive monitoring of oxygen saturation in targeted tissues following surgery. As the company’s first product it has secured the market leadership position in breast flap reconstructions.

The T.Ox system relies on a portable console and sterile single-use, non-invasive sensors that provide two critical pieces of data:
  • A number that reflects real-time oxygen saturation (StO2) updated every
    4 seconds
  • A graph showing StO2 trends with the ability to set custom alarms
The system also provides anytime, anywhere access to data:
  • Remote Monitoring:  The T.Ox system’s remote monitoring feature allows clinicians to use Wi-Fi to transmit data to a secure website for access from a cell phone or computer.
  • Nurse Monitoring Stations: The system also allows incorporation of tissue oximetry data into nurse monitoring stations with a warning alarm, so they can access real-time information even when away from the patient’s bedside.
Product part numbers
  • OXY-2-COE-2 :
    T.Ox™ Tissue Oximeter- Dual Channel Console
  • OXY-2-SPD-1-P5 :
    T.Ox™ SP Disposable Small Patch Sensor,STERILE (5 per PKG/Min. 1 PKG)
  • OXY-2-SPI-1-P5 :
    T.Ox™ SS Disposable Sensor with Silicone Surround,STERILE (5 per PKG/Min. 1 PKG)

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