T.Ox Remote

Anytime, Anywhere Objective Data

T.Ox tissue oximeters can transmit data via Wi-Fi from the system’s console to any internet-accessible device, including smartphones and personal computers. As a result, clinicians can identify tissue flap distress anytime, anywhere — and initiate appropriate intervention — more rapidly.

This capability is especially important on general care floors, where nurse-to-patient ratios are lower than in more specialized hospital units. With T.Ox Remote, staff can evaluate with greater confidence when to call the surgeon. And surgeons can view the data from their devices before deciding if they need to see patients immediately or have the OR prepped.

In my opinion, tissue oxygenation is the gold standard in post-operative flap monitoring... Our ability to “see” what is happening in real time has decreased the need for frequent in-person flap checks. The ability to get real time flap data allows me to plan my life outside of the hospital including academic requirements and family time. Now more than ever, my team and my patients appreciate the value of reliable remote monitoring with the ViOptix system.

Scott Hollenbeck, MD

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