Noninvasive Assessment of Bowel Perfusion for Anastomosis Margin Assessment Using
% Saturation Oxygen (St02) in Tissue

ViOptix is committed to improving surgical outcomes with its proprietary technology to assess tissue perfusion. The proprietary Intra.Ox technology allows accurate, instantaneous determination of bowel perfusion without the need for capital equipment or dye injection. The Intra.Ox device has been clinically validated, is quantitative, handheld and provides unlimited readings during a case. ViOptix is seeking higher volume colorectal surgeons to evaluate its new Intra.Ox device with the goal of becoming “Expert” Users. For a free evaluation or to schedule a virtual demonstration please click here:

Additional Information

Product part numbers:
  • OXY-2-STH-1-P5 :
    Intra.Ox™ Disposable Intraoperative Sheath,STERILE (5 per PKG/Min. 1)
  • OXY-2-DUR-1 :
    Intra.Ox™ Re-usable Smart Sensor,25 USES Non Sterile(1 per PKG)

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