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ViOptix Announces FDA Clearance of Intra.Ox System for Assessment of Tissue Oxygen Saturation (StO2)

Newark, CA, August 2021, ViOptix Inc. announces its Intra.Ox System receives FDA clearance. The Intra.Ox™ Handheld Tissue Oximeter is intended to non-invasively estimate the percent...

A New Diagnostic Algorithm for Early Prediction of Vascular Compromise in 208 Microsurgical Flaps Using Tissue Oxygen Saturation Measurements

Keller A. Annals of Plastic Surgery, May 2009; 62(5): 538-543 Sensitivity and specificity clinically proven to be very high with no false negatives or false...

Tissue Oximetry Monitoring in Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction Decreases Flap Loss and Improves Rate of Flap Salvage

Volume 127, Number 3, March 2011. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/ Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA. Flap salvage rates increased from 57.7% to 93.75%1...

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