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    Clinical Abstract Accepted by ASCRS 2020

    The Use of tissue oxygen measurements compared to ICG imaging for the assessment of intraoperative tissue viability of human bowel: A multi-institutional trial.

    AUTHORS: Sherwinter, D. A. ; Rhee, R. ; Mongui, A. I. ; Chandler, P. I. ; Agnew, J. L. ; Pihokken, A. ; Addison, P. ; Nguyen Tran, N. ; Martz, J.

    INSTITUTIONS: 1. Surgery, Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY, United States. 2. Surgery, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY, United States.

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    The mean change in saturated oxygen (%StO2) across the clinical margin of 45 patients was 17.7 points indicating a clear differentiation between healthy and ischemic bowel tissue.

    Measurement of Tissue Oxygen Perfusion Assessed Using Intra.Ox and Indocyanine Green Imaging

    Nima Khavanin, MD, Department of Surgery, Johns Hopkins Medical School, Baltimore, MD

    Excellent correlation between Intra.Ox readings and ICG images including ability to identify pockets of perfusion among ischemic tissue. Note should be made of Intra.Ox’s ability to provide more quantitative data

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